Theresa Lively

Let's Get Acquainted

When you hear THERESA  LIVELY sing you'll know that her lyrics and music come straight from the heart. She resides on the east  coast  of  Canada in Truro, NS. Her songs, about well known places and events in Nova Scotia will either make you homesick or draw you to our seabound coast.

   All of her music is self penned and  is  basically country with traces of blues, jazz, and  folk. If you like the music of Anne Murray and Rita MacNeil you'll like hers.

DREAM A LITTLE - DREAM    lyrics       member socan
Dream a little - dream
Sit a  little spell
And have a cup of tea
Oh rest your weary body
Lay your burdens down
Don't forget the honey or the cream


Walk a country mile
And when the day is done
Sigh a little sigh
Feel those summer breezes
Warm against your face
You might even smile a little smile.

CHORUS:     Bathe in the sun
                  Have some fun
                  Take a little time for yourself
                  Float on a cloud
                  Laugh out loud
                 You don't have to be in a rush

(play music)  repeat 1st  vs.  add don't forget the honey or the cream


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Besides performing at local events like Sundays In The Park, in Truro's beautiful Victoria Park, Theresa has had the priviledge of having the opening act at THE HANK SNOW TRIBUTE and she has performed her TULIP SONG at the Truro International Tulip Festival two years in a row. Theresa, a member of Songwriter's International has conducted a Songwriter's Circle and played in Buz Baker's, "History of Country Music In Story and Song." She performs regularly throughout the province with the Range Rider's. Her CD " IT HAPPENED IN NOVA SCOTIA" is played on CBC,College and various Cable stations. She is currently working on the second CD and enjoying her musical journey.     THIS PAGE IS SPONSORED BY SID SELLS SIGNS